Did you receive an e-mail or sms about financial assistance?


Did you receive an e-mail or sms about your financial assistance today?

We are updating our e-service at the moment. If you want to save your own documents with your information, from the e-service you need to log on to minasidor.norrkoping.se and download them to your own computer. Then you can eventually upload them to the new e-service. If you do not want to save your documents they will be deleted on November 13.

This is how you save your documents:

  • Click on the link in the sms or e-mail
  • Log on to your pages with e-identification, via the webpage
  • You will see your dossier and are able to download your documents, as a pdf.

You have received an e-mail and sms for every application of financial assistance you have made. Every message has a specifik link, connected to every application you have made. You have to log on to every dossier where there are documents you would like to save.

The number that has sent you the sms is from Norrköpings kommun. If you want to receive information from Norrköpings kommun it is important to not block the number.

This is an example of where you can fins your dossier.